Oct 14, 2013


TEMPLE - WESTCOTT radiator emblem.
Look at the car on the roof !
The TEMPLE - WESTCOTT / Framingham/ Massachusetts (1921 - 1922) was a 6-cylinder assembled car. Only about 20 were made. There is no relationship  with the better - known WESTCOTT from Springfield / Ohio [Georgano]. It is said that there are the remains of one car only.
So this emblem was a challenge for Harry Pulfer from California, who reproduced many, many rare car emblems in the sixties. Here you see a typical Harry Pulfer product. Both sides of the emble are flat and there is no makers mark.  But if you can find an original, it would be worth 5 stars.

Dimensions  5.8 cm
Year1921 - 1922


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