Oct 12, 2013


TEMPLAR radiator emblem
The TEMPLAR Motors Corporation (Cleveland/ Ohio) lived from 1917 to 1925.
Its name derived from the crusades of the Middle Ages.
On december 1921 most of the TEMPLAR factory burned down.
Only 6,000 cars were built. Their best year was 1920 with 1,850 units sold.
Their slogan was: "Super-Fine Small Car".  Materials and finish were superb, the aluminium bodies being given 27 coats of paint ! The 3 litre engine was smooth and and more efficient than most American power units [Georgano].

Dimensions  5.3cm x 7.7 cm
Year1917 -1925


A very sought-after emblem. So there are reproductions. Please look at the back.
The original has a makers mark: PAT.MAY. 8.1917 BASTIAN. BROS. CO.ROCH. N.Y.

This emblem is from the L.R. Hartung collection that was up for auction in 2011.

 on top the original        down the repro

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