Nov 17, 2013


KOMNICK / GERMANY ( 1907 - 1927 )

 Karl Franz KOMNICK started his car production in 1907. The factory was locted in Elbing / East Prussia, so they sold their cars also to Russia, Poland and other eastern countries. The first cars had the radiator behind the engine. The KOMNICK was famous for his durability. But it was never a  mass - producer, so they had to close in 1927.  To my knowledge no car survived WW1 and WW2, so the emblem is also very, very rare.


KOMNICK radiator emblem

 7.0 cm
Year1907 - 1927


backside of an original emblem

1923 KOMNICK truck with (painted ?) emblem behind the door

early advertisment showing the knight´s cross of the emblem

1913 advertisment in a German Motor journal  also using the Russian language

Another ad showing the radiator emblem. It says: better than using horses.....

In 1924 KOMNICK participated at the AUTOMBIL AUSSTELLUNG in Berlin

1926 advertisment

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  1. Karl Franz Komnick was my great great (great?)(maybe another great I’m not too sure) grandfather. One day I plan to maybe restart this car company if I have the chance :) I’ll base some of the designs off of the early car models maybe