Nov 27, 2013


PATERSON radiator emblem

The PATERSON was a buggy maker before entering the automobile production in 1909.
In their first year they sold  163 cars. Their best year was 1920 with 2,013 cars.  In 1923, the last year, the car production dropped down to  562 cars. Here you can see the emblem from the best year.

Dimensions 4.7 cm x 6.8 cm

The backside of the original is not flat, you can still see the letters from the front side, but no makers mark

There is a second PATERSON emblem. I can´t date this emblem. It is from the Lee Roy Hartung collection that was put up for auction in november 2011. The backside is flat, but there is a makers mark from SD CHILDS so it is an original.

Dimensions 5.4 cm

Here is a third PATERSON emblem. I guess it is from the last year (1923), but I´m not sure.

For more beautiful emblems see top right ofthis page (list of car makers) !

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