Dec 21, 2013


 BRASIER  /  PARIS / FRANCE   ( 1902 - 1926 )


The French BRASIER started car production in 1902. It was a voiturette  (= very small car) of the German Benz type. The designer was Richard  so they called it RICHARD - BRASIER. Georges RICHARD left this firm in 1905 and the firm became known as BRASIER only. 

In 1926, the Brasier and Chaigneau companies merged to market vehicles under this dual name.

The emblems are showing a four - leafed clover. To my knowledge the Georges Richard 1904  had the first enameled radiator emblem ever made followed by 
 From this time on it became a fashion around the world. In the fifties the enamel was replaced by the much cheaper plastic.

BRASIER radiator emblem
6.6 cm

In 1920 the emblem became rectangulaire:

BRASIER emblem
7.4 cm x 5.9 cm
Year1920 - 1921

1921 BRASIER with rectangulaire emblem

1921 advertisment showing the emblem and a factory mascot

This nice radiator is showing a very early BRASIER radiator emblem.

V - shaped radiator with two emblems

very nice motor meter emblem

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