Dec 21, 2013


The French BRASIER started car production in 1902. It was a voiturette  (= very small car) of the German Benz type. The designer was Richard  so they called it RICHARD - BRASIER. Georges RICHARD left this firm in 1905 and the firm became known as BRASIER only.
The emblems are showing a four - leafed clover. To my knowledge the 1904 RICHARD - BRASIER had the first enameled radiotor emblem ever made. From this time on it became a fashion around the world. In the fifties the enamel was replaced by the much cheaper plastic.

BRASIER radiator emblem
6.6 cm

In 1920 the emblem became rectangulaire:

BRASIER emblem
7.4 cm x 5.9 cm
Year1920 - 1921

1921 BRASIER with rectangulaire emblem

1921 advertisment showing the emblem and a factory mascot

This nice radiator is showing a very early BRASIER radiator emblem.

Vee - shaped radiator with two emblems

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