Dec 30, 2013


PAN  radiator emblem
The PAN  (St. Cloud, Minnesota, 1919 - 1921) was the result of what became one of the biggest stock swindles in the history of the American car industry. The founder Samuel Conner Pandolfo had sold some $ 9,500,000 in stock to some 70,000 people. In 1919, when the verdict was handed down, the company owed $ 250,000 and had only $ 5,000 cash on hand. Sam Pandolfo got 10 years.  History has revealed that 737 PANs have been built [Kimes,Clark].

Dimensions 6.5 cm x 5.8 cm
Year1919 - 1921


It is really difficult to find an original emblem.           So there are reproductions.
The original is silver plated !

                                      Original:                         Repro:

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