Dec 13, 2013


Original GLIDE radiator emblem
The GLIDE Motor Company was founded by J.B. BARTHOLOMEW a producer of peanut and coffee roasters in 1903. Their slogan was: " As good as the best and better than the rest ". Not bad, or ?
GLIDE never was a mass producer. Production for 1908 hit 200. The best years were 1916 to 1918 with 500 cars sold every year.  In 17 years GLIDE built 3,925 cars so you have to look years for an original emblem.

Dimensions 6.4 cm 

As it is rare and expensive there are reproductions as you can see in the following picture.On the original emblem the GLIDE script touches the round frame. On the repro is a distance between the blue cercle and the GLIDE script.
GLIDE repro emblem

As always the backside is telling the truth:
the repro is flat and the original has a makers mark:    THE GREENDUCK CHICAGO

left: original           right: repro

Here you see a nice variation of the GLIDE emblem. The two holes are not original. The reverse is marked:
Property of the K.Hohle collection

For more beautiful emblems from other automobiles see top right of this page ( list of car makers ).

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