Dec 17, 2013

Mascots with incorporated emblem

HUDSON mascot with enameled emblem
In the beginning- thirties a few automobile producers had the great idea to combine the usual mascot with an enameled emblem. For me these mascots  are the most interesting automobile artifacts you can collect. But this period was very short and only few car producers as ESSEX, HUDSON, TERRAPLANE, PLYMOUTH, GRAHAM, FORD  and the French MATFORD and ROSENGART showed these ornaments.

Here you see the 1933 ornament of the HUDSON 8. It was designed by Dr. Avard T. Fairbanks.
Pay attention to the wings. They are often broken or shortened.
The valuation is for an intact ornament with emblem:

Dimensionsemblem only: 4.7cm x 5.0 cm

This is the export version of the 1932 HUDSON mascot as you can read USA on the emblem:

Here is the  ornament for the 1933 ESSEX TERRAPLANE 8:

Dimensionsemblem only: 5.0 cm x 4.2 cm

The new 1931 ESSEX was advertised as the ESSEX SUPER SIX.
 Here you see  a V- shaped emblem.

The valuation is for the complete mascot:

Dimensionsemblem only: 4.5 cm x 3.8 cm

Between 1934 and 1938 there were different mascots with incoporated emblems on CHRYSLER cars.
Here you see the rare 1938 ornament. Pay attention the long leg is often broken and  intact mascots are hard to find.

The valuation is for the complete mascot:

Dimensionsemblem only: 3.2 cm x 3.2 cm

Nothing special on this emblem. So if you find the mascot without emblem just buy it and add the emblem later.

GRAHAM followed the fashion to put a mascot with an incorporated emblem for a few years.
Here you see the  1934 mascot showing the three GRAHAM Brothers, Joseph, Robert and Ray.

Dimensionsemblem only: 4.3 cm x 6.8 cm

Finally an European mascot with incorporated emblem. Of course it is inspired by the American FORD
mascot as FORD bought the French MATHIS to built cars in France with American technique and French body.

PLYMOUTH mascot with emblem

Dimensionsemblem only: 5.0 cm x 3.3cm

For more beautiful emblems from other automobiles see top right of this page ( list of car makers ).

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