Dec 6, 2013


original MONROE radiator emblem

The MONROE (1914 -1923)  was a fairly popular low - priced car that was powered by  4 - cylinder engine made by Mason or Sterling. " The car that convinces" was their slogan. All of the stockholders of the MONROE company were also stockholders of CHEVROLET {Kimes, Clark].
May be this is why the emblems of MONROE and CHEVROLET are showing the same colors these years. The best year of the company was 1920 with 2,653 cars sold. In 9 years they built less than 15,000 automobiles.

Dimensions3.8 cm x 8,3 cm 

It is not known if Marilyn Monroe knew this car maker but she had the chance to drive a car with her own name on it !

MONROE emblem with contemporary ad from 1915
On the flat back of the emblem is a makers mark from D.L. AULD  Columbus !

For more beautiful emblems see top right of this page (list of car makers) !

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