Jan 10, 2014


DAVIS radiator emblem

George W.Davis  from Richmond / Indiana was in the buggy business when he presented his first car in 1908. Various Continental six - cylinder engines were used. The best year was 1920 with 1,780 cars sold.
Their slogan was: " Built of the best " .
Export trade was brisk and the  Canadian DERBY was a badge engineered DAVIS.

In 1928 they built only 26 cars and the firm was sold to the Automotive Corporation of America. That was the end of the DAVIS motor company.

 4.3 cm x 7.7cm

on top: early DAVIS emblem          down:  late DAVIS emblem

flat reverse of an original DAVIS emblem; no maker´s mark

Yes, there was a reproduction from Harry Pulfer made in the sixties.
The original emblem is vaulted; the repro is flat.
on top:   original                     down:    repro

Here you see the Canadian DERBY emblem, that was a badge engineered DAVIS.
You can read the slogan: BUILT OF THE BEST

      Reverse of the NOS DERBY emblem, already prepared to be soldered on the radiator shell !

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