Apr 4, 2014


 APOLLO / APOLDA / GERMANY  (1910 - 1926 )
The German APOLLO manufactury started car production in  Apolda, a small town in Thuringia / Germany in 1910. The first years they were quite successful with the model PICCOLO.
Karl Slevogt, who had worked as engineer for LAURIN & KLEMENT , was engaged by APOLLO. A 1921 prototype with a V-8 engine was not put into production.

APOLLO radiator script used for a long time

Size 13.5 cm x 7.0 cm
Year1912 -1921

reverse without maker´s mark

APOLLO with contemporary ad
                                 If you look closer you see the script on the radiator core !

there was also a white version

1921 advertisment showing the white script

1913 Apollo showing another radiator script

The last years there was a chromed script on the radiator core as you can see on the photo:

advertisment showing an APOLLO car with v- shaped radiator

They also played with the six letters A P O L L O  and designed a car with them:

1924 APOLLO car with designed script on it (1922 - 1926 )

contemporary photo showing the APOLLO script

1922 advertisment: with six letters :A P O L L O   they designed an APOLLO truck

1916 advertisment: to my knowledge this particular emblem was never mounted on a car

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