Apr 4, 2014


Erret Lobban CORD , who cut such a swathe through the American motoring scene in the Twenties and Thirties with AUBURN and DUESENBERG, gave his own name to the first big-time, front-wheel-drive American car, the excellent but commercially dubios L29 model of 1929. Fewer than 4,500 cars were built. So you have to look years for an original emblem !

Original CORD emblem mounted as crank hole cover

Dimensions5.8 cm x 4.2 cm

Year 1929 - 1936


The original CORD emblem is a two - piece emblem ! The repro is as a one piece emblem.
So this is evidently a repro:

left: original with maker´s mark THEDLAULDCO                    right: repro without maker´s mark

Do you want to know where the design of the emblem is coming from ?
Errett Lobban CORD´s family came from Scottland so he used the scottish family emblem of McCord.

Thank you Giuseppe for the information