Apr 13, 2014

HANOVER Motor Company

The HANOVER Motor Company was organized in Hanover, Pennsylvania in 1921. It was a miniature of a full size car with an air-cooled twin engine. An unusual feature was the choice of left or right hand drive. In 1921 only 133 cars were produced. In 1922 they sold 25 cars.  That year the company moved to Buffalo, New York. The last years may be 26 cars were sold.

Emblem from the last years. The feather is symbolizing the light weight of the car.

Dimensions4.9 cm x  6.4 cm

Year 1921 - 1927


HANOVER emblem with contemporary ad

In this advertisement you can read: "  The demand for this wonderful automobile has forced the company to enlarge the facilities to manufacture and to make an output in 1922 that will aggregate 80 cars a day or about 21,000 for the year. "
The truth is that HANOVER´s total production for its entire history is a little bit more than 200 cars !

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