Jul 6, 2014


It is a pleasure to collect Peugeot emblems. Because of their history of more than 120 years you  still have the chance to find a never seen Peugeot emblem. My collection started with Peugeot emblems in the seventies. Now I own about 40 different prewar Peugeot emblems. And there are a lot  more emblems if you also collect the younger emblems.

This is one of the oldest of my Peugeot emblems:

Peugeot radiator emblem

Size 6.8 cm x 11.6 cm

reverse of an original emblem:  no makers mark

British advertisment showing the famous PEUGEOT badge

radiator with the emblem shown above

In 1913 the famous PEUGEOT Bébé was offered with  an engine constructed by Ettore BUGATTI.
Here you see the lovely brass radiator emblem. I had to buy the whole radiator to get an original emblem.
Only 3,095 cars were sold.

This is my all time favorite of Peugeot emblems:

5.9 cm 



contemporary advertisment showing the 12 - SIX Peugeot radiator badge 

1913 adverstisement showing, that Peugeot exported to Germany even before WWI


Here you see the typical Peugeot emblems of the twenties:

Ther was a small and a large version. The large version is very rare. You find it on the type 153.
So the evaluation is for the large version:

Size 5.3 cm x 10.0 cm

This is the most commun prewar enameled Peugeot emblem. You still have the chance to buy a fine original for small money.

Size4.0 x  8.2 cm
Year1920 - 1926

contemporary photo, radiator with the emblem shown above

From 1924 to 1929 there was a PEUGEOT production plant in Milano / Italy.
Of course they had their own emblem, but still made in the French style of the type 201.

wanted:  don´t hesitate to offer me this emblem

 4.8 cm x 8.2 cm
1924 - 1929

Here is the next Italian PEUGEOT radiator emblem seen  on an Italian car meeting years ago.

wanted: don´t hesitate to offer me this emblem !


 1911 - 1912


Italian Peugeot firewall emblem  (Wanted: don´t hesitate to offer me one )

left: enameled numbers in the colors of the French flag       right: simple chrome version
Size15.7 x  13.0 cm
Year1934 - 1937

left: enameled numbers in the colors of the French flag          right: simple chrome version

Size15.7 x  13.0 cm
Year1934 - 1936

only chrome versions known

 6.8 cm x 11.6 cm
1934 -1935 (401 and 601)

In 1936 PEUGEOT started new series of cars. The large 402 in1936, the medium sized 302 in 1937 and a compact typ 202 in 1938. All cars had a streamline body in the style of the CHRYSLER Airflow !
all numbers are painted not enameled
Size17.2 x  14.0 cm (type 402)
Year1936 - 1940

While WWII the military needed vast amounts of metals to produce weapons etc.
So PEUGEOT built the emblem in Bakelite,  the first synthetic material.
These war emblems are hard to find:
very rare version ( I have a spare to swap on )

Size18.0cm  x  13.2 cm (type 202)

While WWII Peugeot produced small trucks for military purposes ( see my post PEUGEOT trucks
Only one civil car type was made: the VLV electric car:

two seater electric car

wanted: VLV bakelite emblem. Don´t hesitate to offer me one

Just to show you how nice  Peugeot emblems of the ninteenfifties can be. If you find this don´t hesitate to buy one !
Peugeot Scooter front emblem
Size7.4 x  6.7 cm
Year1954 - 1958

Peugeot hood emblem from the typ 203

Size5.8 x  4.6 cm
Year1959 - 1960

For more  car emblems especially  for PEUGEOT truck emblems click here and for LION PEUGEOT emblems click here !

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