Aug 27, 2014


The TULSA Automobile Corporation started  in Oklahoma in 1918 and went out of car production in 1922.
It was a typical assembled car of the period.
Their slogan was:  "The Peer of the West" and   "It Conquered the World`s worst roads ".
In five years they sold 1,159 cars. Their best years was 1921 with a production of 723 cars.
After 1922 they stayed in business as auto parts makers.

Here is an original TULSA emblem that has a flat reverse with maker´s mark.

Property of the K. Hohl collection

3.9 cm x  7.6 cm

 1918 - 1922


In the nineteensixties Harry Pulfer from California made a fine repro of the TULSA emblem as you can see here:

TULSA repro emblem 

For more information about Harry Pulfer see alphabetical list top right.

 reverse of the repro emblem without maker´s mark

For more beautiful cars emblems see top right  (list of car makers).

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