Oct 6, 2014


The BUSH Motor Company of Chicago  (1916 - 1925) was founded by John H. Bush.
The BUSH was a mail-order car.  When an order was received he sent  the customer´s check to an established company that built this car for him, for example PIEDMONT, SPHINX, NORWALK, HUFFMAN and CROW-ELKHART. Then a BUSH nameplate was fitted to the radiator and the car was shipped directly to the customer. After 1925 no more car producer was willing to deal with him this way and the BUSH Motor Company went out of business.
The first BUSH radiator emblem was round with blue enamel and white letters (still missing in my collection...).

Here you see the last BUSH radiator emblem from a BUSH de Luxe !

BUSH radiator emblem

5.5 cm x  

 1916 - 1925


Did you know that there was also a CARTER, a ROOSEVELT a LINCOLN  and of course a FORD car ? But only one car was named after a president. Guess which one ?

For more beautiful car emblems see top right (list of car makers).

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