Oct 11, 2014


The German KOCO  (= Koch & Co) was a cyclecar made in Erfurt / Thuringia from 1921 to 1926. 
The car was equipped with an aircooled opposed 2-cylinder engine. Later there was a watercooled engine.
To my knowlede there are still two cars in existence. One in the official VOLKSWAGEN museum in Wolfsburg, the other is in private hand. 
What you see is a stylised eagle:

v-shaped radiator emblem

4.8 cm x  7.5 cm

 1920 - 1926


backside with makers mark from W. JAKUBOWSKI  CHEMNITZ  SA. 

KOCO emblem with contemporary pictures

1921 advertisment showing the emblem only, not the car !

description of the KOCO (AAZ 1921 )

contemporary illustration of the 1925 KOCO

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