Nov 6, 2014


There were three big truck makers in Switzerland.

SAURER was number 1 and FBW was  the number 3 of them only.
May be 7,000 trucks and buses were built in 67 years.
FBW stands for Franz Brozinzevic of Wetzikon.
He started his own truck production in 1918.
The last truck was built in 1985.

To my knowledge there was only one enameled radiator emblem. No optical change before and after WWII.

Here you see the common  F.B.W radiator emblem:

original F.B.W. radiator emblem with original holes to fix it

Size 8.5 cm x 4.0 cm
Yearca 1930 - 1955

As it is rare there are repros:

top: original        down:   repro

So you have to look at the backside.
The original emblem was made by Thomas Lauer of Nuernberg in Germany:

top:  original      down:  repro

FBW  is pretending in this ad that truck production already started in 1910

Now I found another F.B.W. emblem. It is looking older. What do you think ?

This emblem is from a MotorMeter used in thenineteentwenties

Size 6.0cm
Yearc. 1920 - 1930

reverse without makers mark

The predecessor of FBW was the FRANZ AG that was in business from 1910 to 1918, when the founder left this company. They had a wonderful emblem in the style of the German WANDERER badge:

reverse without makers mark

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  1. I was searching desperately for a picture of this Franz truck emblem from 1920. Now I found it! So happy with your website. I am building a scale model of a Franz Postal truck from The Netherlands and neede this for the emblem on the radiator.

  2. Glad to help you.
    please send a photo of the model, when finished.