Nov 7, 2014


The RUGBY was a STAR automobile made by William Crapo DURANT for export. As there was already an automobile named STAR in the UK,  William put a RUGBY badge on the STAR  to avoid confusion when exporting STAR automobiles.

The RUGBY was a great success so it is easy to find an original emblem.

Here you see the first emblem of 1924. It was round. No number in it:

first RUGBY radiator emblem

Dimensions  5.5 cm
Year 1924 -1925

The second  RUGBY emblem of 1926 showed the number 4  or  6 to indicate the engine:

Dimensions  5.5 cm
Year 1926 -1927

In 1928 there was an oval emblem. The same year the DURANT emblem became oval also.

Dimensions  5.6 cm x 3.8 cm
Year 1928 -1929

In 1930 they changed the design. The emblem looked like a shield. You can see the same design on the 1930 DURANT emblem.

Dimensions  5.2 cm x 3.4 cm
Year 1930-1931

Than there was a round emblem I can´t date. May be ou can help me:

All RUGBY emblems have a flat backside. Only the 1930 emblem is showing a maker´s mark that proved that it was made outside the USA.

For more beautiful car emblems see top right ( list of car makers ).


  1. Claus,

    You have a mean collection!
    Never knew that there were so many different Rugby emblems. Or, the existence of the Metal Etchers & Manufacturing Ltd Co.
    Thanks, for the continuous education!

  2. US 1930 - 31 Durant had Fox on the back. Canadian made cars from Durant Motors and later Dominion Motors in Leaside Ont 1930 - 33 used the ones made in Toronto by Metal Etchers & Manufacturing Ltd Co. Its like the Munroe shocks on my 32 Durant from Leaside are ACME Gear Co in Toronto and US 1930 / 31 are Munroe in Michigan.