Dec 30, 2014


Lancia Radiator Emblem
LANCIA / ITALY  radiator emblem

This is an original LANCIA emblem from the twenties. Vincento Lancia, a racing driver, founded in 1905 this still existing Italian car  producer. Famous for their advanced engineering.
It is so easy: Lancia is the Italian word for lance. So you find the lance on the left side of almost every emblem.
 7.5 cm

Reverse of an original LANCIA emblem of the twenties.
Makers mark reads: F.M. LORIOLI & CASTELLI  MILANO

the emblem shown above was registered and patented in Germany in 1921

LANCIA also built trucks. The first truck was offered in 1906. Here you see the emblem of a LANCIA truck of the nineteentwenties. This emblem is from the Bregonzio collection of Milano liquidated in 2009. In 1971 they sold the last  LANCIA truck as the new owner FIAT tolerated no second truck company in the concern.

flat reverse, no makers mark

 9.0 cm x 4.5 cm

LANCIA bus front of the ninteenfifties in need of restoration

Behind this aluminum flap is the radiator, which can be opened  easily to control the level 

This should be the first enameled radiator emblem of a  LANCIA. It was on the type BETA SGV of 1911. There is still one survivor as you can see when you google for LANCIA SGV pictures. This emblem is from the Bregonzio collection too.

flat reverse, no makers mark

 4.5 cm x 8.5 cm

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