Jan 18, 2015


James C. Reber founded the ACME Bicycle Manufacturing Company in 1892. In 1900 he built his first car named REBER. The REBER survived one year. Meanwhile he engaged the German engineer Victor Jacob from DAIMLER who designed cars of four cylinder and later six cylinders for him.
Their slogan was: " From steel bar to finished car ".
The first years there was a script only at the radiator.
Here you can see the radiator emblem of the last year. It is from the Lee Roy Hartung collection that was put up for auction in 2011. A very hard to find item.

Dimensions 6.4 cm 
Year1910 - 1911

reverse with makers mark:   THE GREEN DUCK CO CHICAGO

For more beautiful car emblems see top right ( list of car makers ).

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