Jan 6, 2015


 The FIAT  type 508 was built under licence in Warsawa / Poland years before WW II. It was the beginning of a  very   successful co-operation that lasted until 1991. Here you see the winged radiator emblem using the FIAT letters with the typical tapered FIAT  A  at the right hand.   The emblem of the original Italian FIAT had no wings.               

Dimensions10.2 cm x 6.0 cm
Year1931 - 1938 (type I, II, III)

There was another version using black enamel instead of the typical FIAT red color.

In 1934 POLSKI - FIAT offered  the Model 524/L also built under  licence. This was a quite luxury car offering a 6-cylinder engine and 7 seats. Only a few cars were sold so the emblem is extremely rare.

Dimensions10.2 cm x 4.4 cm
Year1934 - 1935

look at the printed emblem in the adverstisement

To complete our knowledge I show you a post-war POLSKI - FIAT emblem of the famous type 124.

radiator emblem made of plastic

Dimensions 10.0cm x 6.2 cm
Year1969 - 1982

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  1. Hello. From what model emblem? 508?