Feb 15, 2015


Robert  Craig Hupp started his  car production with a 2.8 liters 4-cylinder engine in 1908. This car lead Henry FORD to say: "Hope we can build as good a car as Bobbie Hupp".
Like CHEVROLET and DODGE they made SV engines until 1925 at medium prices.
The first year (1909) a total of 1,618 Hupmobiles were built. In September 1911 Robert C. Hupp left the company. His next car venture would carry his initials, though the R.C.H would not be a success.
The best year for the HUPMOBILE company was 1928 with 65,862 cars sold.
The last year was 1940. After a production of 319 cars only  they stopped the car production and went in the heating and air condition industry.

 It is a pleasure to collect HUPMOBILE emblems as there are so many versions.

Here you see the first enameled radiator emblem that they used for the Models K and N from 1914 to 1915.

early emblem of the 1914 Model K or N

 8.5 cm x 3.8 cm
1914 - 1915

flat reverse of an original 1914 HUPMOBIL emblem with makers mark: WHITEHEAD HOAG CO  NEWAR N.J.

In 1916 the HUPMOBILE emblem became round presenting the letter H only,  hoping that everyone would associate this letter with the name HUPMOBILE:

emblem with flittering letter H of the Model N

 5.8 cm x 6.8 cm
1916 - 1917

reverse of the original emblem with makers mark: ROBBINS CO  ATTLEBORO

On the next round emblem  - made for the Model R  -  you can read again " HUPMOBILE ". The letter H was not sufficient to identify the maker as there were more than a dozen  of car makers starting with the letter H.

Dimensions  5.2 cm
Year 1918 -1925

reverse of the Model R emblem

In the mid twenties a lot of automobiles presented a radiator  emblem made of German silver to symbolize the value of the car. It was before the chrome technology was used.

Dimensions  5.2 cm
Year 1925 -1926

In 1925 HUPMOBILE proudly presented their first car with an 8 cylinder engine, the Model E.
It became a bestseller so it is still quite easy to find an original emblem

Dimensions  5.4 cm
Year 1925 -1928

reverse without makers mark

The first HUPMOBILE with a six cylinder engine was offered one year after the HUPMOBILE 8 !
This type named Model A became the next bestseller.

Dimensions  4.4 cm
Year1926- 1927

After three years they designed a new radiator emblem for the next 8 cylinder generation,
the Model M:

Dimensions  5.3 cm x 3.5
Year 1928 

For the new Models  A and S   a new emblem in the shield type was seen at the radiator:

Dimensions  3.2 cm x 7.3 cm
Year 1928 -1932

The next HUPMOBILE emblem became a triangle that incorporated the older shield emblem.
The colors for the MODELC are white and black,  for the MODEL U black and orange and for the MODEL H blue and black.

Dimensions  6.2 cm x 7.8 cm
Year 1930 -1932

reverse with makers mark

The 1933 emblem repeated the style of the 1928 emblem and added the name HUPMOBILE on the crossbar of the letter, used for the Models F, I, K and W.

Dimensions  2.7 cm x 5.5cm
Year 1933 -1935

To my knowledge this is the last enameled radiator emblem in the HUPMOBILE history. It was curved to fit the streamlined radiator.

MODEL O 1935 emblem with vertical curve

Dimensions2.4 cm x  5.2 cm
Year 1935

 My HUPMOBILE exposition. Between the cars you find a dashboard emblem
For more beautiful car emblems see top right ( list of car makers ).

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