May 31, 2015


 HANSA / VAREL / BREMEN / GERMANY  ( 1906 -1961 )

The  German HANSA Automobil Gesellschaft started  car production in Varel in 1906. In 1929 HANSA was taken over by BORGWARD - GOLIATH. Production in the Varel works ceased and HANSA cars were subsequently built only in Bremen.

Their best selling model was the HANSA 1100 that appeared in 1934. It had a four - cylinder engine and an all independent suspension. The HANSA 1700 had a six-cylinder engine.

To my knowledge this is the first HANSA VAREL radiator emblem in their history. It also shows the chassis number     ( 362) and the type (A14).

less than 100 HANSA  type A/14 were built in 2 years

 9.5 cm 
Year1908 - 1910

backside of the 1908 brochure with the emblem shown on top

contemporary ad of a HANSA  type A 14

Here you see the first enameled HANSA emblem showing a twelfth-century Northern European trading vessel.          It was fixed on the radiator net.
You have to look years for this nice emblem

 10.5 cm 
Year 1912

1912 advertisment   I just added the original emblem

1913 advertisment showing proudly the emblem

nickel - plated radiator emblem ( no makers mark )

 19.0 cm x 7.8 cm
Yearc. 1924

1924 HANSA

HANSA brass radiator 

1928 HANSA advertisment 

In 1930 HANSA offered the type KONSUL. It was an old fashioned car without any commercial success, so it was soon replaced. As far as I know no more automobiles from this type now exist but here is a radiator with the extremly rare emblem:

I had to buy the whole radiator to get this emblem

HANSA badge after polishing

 5.5 cm x 7.0 cm
Year1930 - 1931

Already two years before the start of production, HANSA protected the design of this special emblem:

1928 design patent

Here you see the emblem of the best selling HANSA cars. 27,000 cars were sold from the type 1100 and 1700 until 1938 so it is relatively easy to find an original emblem.

on top you see embossed letters

8.0 cm x 4.2 cm 
Year1934 - 1939

top: original     down: repro

there was also a large green emblem ( 10.2  x 5.7 cm )

Do you recognize it ? A Hansa emblem seen on a scrapyard in 2016 (!)

In 1938 HANSA offered two cars in the range between the middle and the high class:
They had a streamlinded body and a six-cylinder engine. The beginning of WW II stopped the production.  Only a few cars were built.

 7.7 cm x 5.7 cm
Year1937 - 1939

one of the rare survivor

emblem with painted colors

 5.8 cm x 7.8 cm
Year1937 - 1939

advertisment of 1938 showing the streamlined HANSA 3500

Some models had a hood mascot where the emblem was incorporated:

quite the same design: the last prewar emblem and the first post war emblem

In 1961 the last automobile with the name HANSA 1100 was built by BORGWARD.

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