Jun 8, 2015


Edoardo Bianchi started his car production in Milano / Italy in 1905.
Vintage BIANCHIS were conservative, but by 1922 they had dohc, with dual magneto ignition and 90 bhp.

In 1955 FIAT bought the factory to build the new AUTOBIANCHI, a car using FIAT components with a little bit more horsepower.

The emblems are showing the eagle of the Duke of Savoy ( Savoia ).
Inside the eagle you see the white cross in a red oval representing the crest of Savoia.

Here I present you a real piece of art. These emblems are made by using a pattern, a very  exigent technique.
A real highlight of my collection !

 emblem from the Bregonzio collection liquidated in 2009
Dimensions 7.4 cm 
Year1910 - 1912

now the eagle is made in brass
Dimensions7.5 cm 
Year 1914

 very large radiator emblem
Dimensions15.5 cm x 14.5 cm 
Year 1934

you can see that the above shown emblem was mounted on the radiator core

This emblem in a form of a shield was mounted at the BIANCHI Tipo S9 in 1934

Dimensions 6.5 cm x 4.5 cm 
Year 1934

emblem from the Bregonzio collection: no idea where it was mounted

Here you see a very nice post war emblem from the AUTOBIANCHI PRIMULA of 1967:

For more beautiful car emblems see top right ( list of car makers ).


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  2. I do metal detecting and found one of these emblems in the mountains here in Italy. Took me a while to find your photos. Kept thinking it was from a bike. It's a little bent up but I was hoping to get some more info and possibly show you mine. It looks very similar but there are slight design differences in the eagle. Feel free to email me.