May 8, 2015


The MARION of Indianapolis started car production with an four-cylinder air - cooled engine in 1904. Later they added water cooled models.  Their best year was 1911 with 1,437 cars sold.
In 12 years they built a little bit more than 7,200 cars.
In 1915 the MARION became the MARION HANDLEY (see MARION - HANDLEY).

One of the most beautiful radiator emblems ever made was mounted on the 1914 MARION, showing the car itself.
 A highly sought-after emblem.

very original radiator emblem missing the blue enamel around the MARION letters

Dimensions 5.5 cm 
Year1911- 1914

hard to see on top: makers mark from ROBBINS CO  ATTLEBORO MASS:

For more beautiful car emblems see older posts or top right ( list of car makers ).

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