Oct 3, 2015


The HANDLEY - KNIGHT Company of Kalamazoo started car production in October 1920.
HANDLEY - KNIGHT declared itself  "America´s Finest Knight - Motored Car", although they used the well known WILLYs Knight motor as well.
In November 1922 was noticed that no further Knight engines were needed. The new HANDLEY with a conventional engine was introduced in January 1923 but production was stopped still in early 1923 as the CHECKER Cab Company bought the factory.
The production figures are unknown.
You have to look years for this rare emblem

You read in latin  BONA FIDES on this emblem:  what you have said about yourself is true

 3.9 cm x  6.6 cm
 1920 - 1923 


reverse with makers mark from  BASTIAN BROS. CO

HK emblem on contemporary ad

For more beautiful emblems see top right  ( list of car makers ) !

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