Dec 30, 2015


The OLYMPIAN Motors Company started its car production on the old Cartercar plant in Pontiac / Michigan in 1917. They offered the car in five different colors ( white, green, blue, red and gray) which was quite unusual.                 Their slogan was:  The Car for the "Masses" and for the "Classes".
The first year they sold 217 cars. The best year was 1919 with 713 cars. In 1920 they stopped the production. In  four years 1,580 cars only were built so the emblem is a hard to find item.

flat reverse, no makers mark

     ca.  6.5  cm      
 1918 - 1920


The 1917 OLYMPIAN  had another radiator emblem on which you can see the triangle already.
And on  the triangle three greek gods: left Hermes,  on top Aphrodite and right Atlas, symbolizing speed, beauty and strenght.

In 2017 such an emblem was sold via ebay for more than $ 2,300 so it is a five star emblem !


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