Jan 2, 2016


The DELAUGERE CLAYETTE et Cie situated in Orléans / France  presented the first car in 1901.
It was a tricycle. From 1903 on they offered conventional  4 wheel cars with 2- or 4-cylinder engines.
The first 6-cylinder engine was installed in a car in 1912.
The DELAUGERE was a regional car maker. No exportation known.
Production of DELAUGERE cars ceased in 1926.

The wonderful radiator emblem is showing the famous Joan of Arc (french: Jean d´Arc) on her horse.

 on the pedestal is written: PLANCHOT LILLE
Dimensions7,3  cm 
Year  1926

repro with flat horsewoman
top: repro     down:  original
For more beautiful radiator emblems see top right  ( list of car makers ).

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