Jan 17, 2016


Eugen ARBENZ of Zurich / Switzerland started his truck production  with a 1 1/2 tonner  in  1905.
ARBENZ sold the trucks around the world especially to Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Java, Sumatra etc.
During WW I  they doubled the production because of orders from the German and Swiss armies.
After the war they had financial problems as they were not paid by the Germany authorities.
In 1928 they company was renamed OETIKER.

Don´t be confused.  There was also an American car named ArBenZ ( in Ohio from 1911 to 1918).
To my knowledge this car had no radiator emblem,  only a script.

the world on the emblem symbolize the exportation success

     ca.  7.5  cm      
 1918 - 28


There was another version in red without the sun on top:

there was also a nice hub cap with the same design

Here is the proof that it is the Swiss and not the American ARBENZ

For more beautiful truck and car emblems see top right  ( list of car makers ).

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