Jan 17, 2016


Louis J. BERGDOLL immigrated to Philadelphia from Germany and created a  brewery which made him a rich man.
In 1910 he decided to build his own automobile  manufactory using the  best components  available ( Westinghouse motor, Warner Gear Transmission etc ).
He offered the four-cylinder Models 30 and 40 guaranteeing 50 and 60 mph, respectively.
In 1913 the factory went into receivership and car production was ceased.

The cars used a different emblem for the 30 - 40 hp cars, as was the custom at that time:

Model "30" emblem
     ca.  5.8  cm      
 1910 - 1913


As the Bergdoll emblem is rare and expensive Harry Pulfer of California  made a repro in the nineteen-sixties of the last century that you can see here:

look at the differences between repro and original

If you want to know more about repros made by Harry Pulfer look at the right side of this blog where you find in an alphabetical list  " Harry Pulfer " .

BERGDOLL badge with contemporary advertisement

For more beautiful car emblems see top right  ( list of car makers ).

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