Mar 22, 2016


 ARIES / FRANCE ( 1910 - 1938 )

The French ARIES was founded by the Baron Charles Petiet.
 In 1910 they ARIES catalogued the smallest 6-cylinder car in the world.
During  WW I they made Hispano Suiza engines and profited by the experience to make better cars subsequently.
Most of all ARIES had a script on the radiator  and no badge or emblem.
Only in the years 1934 to 1938 there was a nice emblem on the front of the radiator shell.
Car production ceased in 1938.

ARIES emblem of the type  B4B
12.8 cm x 4.4 cm
Year1934 - 1938 

backside of an ARIES badge. No makers mark.
  ARIES also built trucks and buses; but no emblem in the 1921 advertisment

1924 advertisment

Many years I thought that there was no enameled ARIES badge. But than I found one under the bonnet !  The screws to open the cam cover are enameled and showing the radiator of the car.
What a nice idea !  I known the builder of the French BALLOT car had the same idea. But who was the first ?

contemporary ad with ARIES badge

hubcap with ARIES script

ARIES for sale ( seen in Beaulieu 2019 )

no emblem but a script

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