Mar 31, 2016


The  German FAUN (= Fahrzeugfabriken Ansbach und Nurnberg) started truck production in 1918.
In 1924 to 1927 they offered a private car without any commercial success.
From 1928 to 1990 only commercial trucks were built.

Here I present to you the rare radiator emblem of the private car of 1924:

emblem of the only private car made by FAUN
Dimensionsca. 5 cm 
Year1924 - 1927

1925 FAUN car type K2

1922 FAUN advertisment showing the head of the Faun

To my knowledge this is the oldest enameled truck emblem:

Size7.0 cm x 7.4 cm
Yearc. 1930  

reverse without makers mark

Size7.0 cm x 7.4 cm
Yearc. 1938 

reverse without makers mark

I have never seen a truck or a photo of a truck showing this particular emblem.
Nevertheless it is a wonderful item.
This FAUN emblem is showing a medieval  tower of the old city of Nurnberg

After WWII there were metal emblems only like this nice radiator cap.

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