Apr 17, 2016


The KRIT  (K-R-I-T)  Motor Co. started car production in Detroit / Michigan in 1909.
They offered four-cylinder cars for the whole of their lives, except for 1913 when a KRIT Six was marketed for that single year.
As emblem the swastika has been selected ( years before Adolf Hitler abused the emblem) to ensure favor of auspicious gods !
The company was in financial trouble most of the time and car production  ceased in 1915.

early KRIT badge made of brass,  without enamel

6.8 cm x 6.8 cm

reverse without makers mark

1910 ad with original emblem

KRIT radiator showing the brass badge

another 1910 advertisment showing the brass emblem

And here is one of the most sought after radiator emblems:

original KRIT emblem found via metal detecting

5.4 cm
Year1914 - 1916

showing false rivets the KRIT badge was nevertheless soldered on the radiator


 Cheerio:    the photograph obviously loved the KRIT radiator

1914 - 1916 brochure showing the blue / white emblem

As it is rare and expensive  Harry Pulfer reproduced this emblem choosing the wrong colors.
The colors red, black and white were used for the NAZI swastika. I have never seen a KRIT radiator with an emblem in these colors. Only accessories like pins and brooches are showing these colors.

for more information about Harry Pulfer go to  the post " Harry Pulfer "

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  1. I have an original brass cover with no enamel

  2. I have a iron on patch with this car company with the swastika is it rare.

  3. I have a olive green Fine thread cap that says KRIT with a swastika