Apr 10, 2016


The PAN-AMERICAN Motors Corporation started car production in Decatur / Illinois in 1917.
It was an assembled car that used a variety of six-cylinder engines from Rutenber, Continental and Herschell-Spillman. The called it: " The American Beauty Car ".
A lower priced four-cylinder car was available from 1919 to 1920.
Their best year was 1920 with 937 cars sold.

In six years  2,200 cars only  were built so you have to look years for an emblem.

This emblem is from the Lee Roy Hartung collection that was up for auction in 2011 (see my post concerning Lee Roy Hartung).

the holes are not original
9.1 cm  x 5.3 cm
1917 - 1922

reverse of an original emblem: no makers mark

look at the details: it is only a repro
reverse of the repro

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