Jan 29, 2017


HATAZ / GERMANY  ( 1920 - 1925 )

The German HATAZ Kleinautofabrik  was a short lived company (1920 to 1925 ).
  Initials stand for Hans Tautenhahn Zwickau. It was a cyclecar with little commercial succes only.
 They used Steudel proprietary engines. 
There is one car left in a German Museum.

emblem before polishing

  • still brilliant after more than 90 years
Size9.5 cm x 6 cm
Year1921 - 1925

reverse without makers mark

My emblem is slightly curved so probably it is from one of the last HATAZ vehicles when the radiator was nearly flat as you can see on the next photo:

photo collection Michael Schlenger ( https://vorkriegs-klassiker-rundschau.blog/ )

1923 advertisment
1924 advertisment 

contemporary ad

contemporary photo showing a  radiator with v-shaped emblem

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