Feb 19, 2017


The German ELITE started  car production in Brand / Erbisdorf ( Saxonia ) after WW1.
As the name suggested they offered luxury cars. Car production ceased in 1929. Only small quantities of cars were built so you have look years for an original ELITE emblem.

The 1924 ELITE car  with V-shaped radiator had three emblems: two on the radiator and one on the gas cap

Dimension 6.5 cm ( emblem only )
Year1924 - 1929

early ELITE emblem

Dimensionca. 6.5 cm 
Year1919 ?

reverse of the blue / white emblem with makers mark: L.CHR.LAUER  NUERNBERG

another rarity -  I have a spare to swap on

Dimensionca. 6.7 cm 

advertisment  showing the 1921 emblem

In 1921 the ELITE - WERKE bought the defunct company REX SIMPLEX and offered the typ REX-SIMPLEX B IV as an ELITE WAGEN:

restored ELITE ( REX) emblem  (A.-G. = Aktiengesellschaft)

Dimensions 10.0 cm x 6.5 cm

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