Feb 26, 2017


The German FRAMO Werke GmbH were founded by J.S. Rasmussen who became famous for the DKW 2 stroke engines. Nevertheless this company never belonged to the AUTO UNION combine.
In 1923 the FRAMO started with a three wheeler called PICCOLO that had the engine mounted on the front wheel.
To my knowledge this car had no emblem.
In 1933 the STROMER was presented, also a three wheeler, but with two driven front wheels.
Just 737  FRAMO STROMER were sold so you have to look years for an emblem.
The FRAMO works were nationalized in 1945 and had since produced light commercial vehicles.

hard to make a picture without reflections when they used black enamel

ca. 6.0 x  3.4 cm
Year1933 - 1937

backside without makers mark

The FRAMO emblem was patented ans registered in 1932

The FRAMO also had a ( quiet simply made ) mascot

FRAMO emblem that shows the traces of the decades

FRAMO ad with emblem

do you believe that it is a three - wheeler ?

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  1. Bonjour Mr, je recherche un emblème comme celui ci pour ma voiture ? Le vendez vous ? Cordialement Grégoire