Apr 18, 2017


MORRIS LEON BOLLEE / FRANCE  ( 1924 - 1933 )

In 1924 Sir William R.  Morris, the famous founder of the British Morris Motors Ltd,  bought the French LEON BOLLEE factory in Le Mans.  He had the idea to breach the French tariff walls from inside.
The first  Morris Leon Bollee had a 4-cylinder engine made by  Hotchkiss. In 1928 a 3-litre straight -8 was offered. The bodies of the Morris Leon Bollee were all made in France and were considerably more attractive than their British counterparts.

Flat emblem  mounted on a 1932 radiator shell. In the middle of every emblem the crest of the town Le Mans / France

Size 5.0 cm
Year1925- 1932

reverse without makers mark

1926 french advertisment showing the emblem

1932 radiator shell still missing the emblem

the first years the emblem was vaulted

contemporary ad showing the design of the emblem

Before Sir Williams Morris bought  the LEON BOLLEE Company in 1924 there was  a very similar emblem on the radiator where you can read : ETABLISSEMENTS instead of MORRIS:

 5.0 cm 
1922 - 1923


LEON BOLLEE seen in Paris in the nineteenfifties

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