Apr 2, 2017


The brothers Maurice and Georges Sizaire and their partner Louis Naudin founded the  company  Sizaire Freres et Naudin in Puteaux, near Paris / France   in 1903. The first cars have been sold under the make SIZAIRE & NAUDIN.
In 1905 they offered a light car using an engine of its own design.
In 1912 the Sizaire brothers left the company and after the death of Louis Naudin the company was renamed in "Societé Anonyme des Nouveaux Etablissements Sizaire & Naudin".

The Sizaire brothers together with Fredrick William Berwick started a new car production ( mostly chassis ) in Courbevoie near Paris named SIZAIRE - BERWICK.  Most of the chassis were exported to the United Kingdom  and bodied  by Berwick.

Finally Maurice Sizaire designed a new car under the name SIZAIRE FRERES. This car was made in a new site in Courbevoie. Production ceased in 1928.

original SIZAIRE NAUDIN radiator emblem showing the wear of more than 100 years
The blue and red flag was the crest of the duke d`Uzes who was the financier of this company, this emblem was used from 1906 on.

Size12 cm
Year1909 - 1912

I had to buy the whole radiator to get this wonderful emblem.

A lot of SIZAIRE et NAUDIN cars were imported  to the UK by Charles Jarrott and Letts,  so the emblem is showing the initials C.J.L.

Export emblem, seen in Paris / Retromobile in 2020

There was also an emblem showing the flag only. But I don´t know where and when it was used.


nice repro,  but be aware that the  red and blue colors  are not transparent so it is easy to identify a repro

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