Mar 5, 2017



Here is another quite unknown German car maker: CERTUS AUTOMOBIL WERK.
In 1927 the driving instructor Franz Wroblewski and his friend Wilhelm Dierks founded the CERTUS
Automobil - Werke ( the latin word certus means:  to be sure ) in Offenburg ( Black Forest ).
Their slogan was: Der preiswerteste 8- Zylinder auf dem Weltmarkt ( the cheapest 8-cylinder on the world market).
Nevertheless they sold less than 50 cars in two years. Not a single car has survived.
To my knowledge this is  the only radiator emblem in existence.

emblem showing the coat of arms of the city of Offenburg /  Germany

 10.0 cm x 6.5 cm
Year1927 - 1929

reverse of a NOS emblem

picture of a CERTUS touring car  in a sales brochure

front page of the 1927 sales brochure

contemporary ad with the slogan:  the cheapest 8-cylinder of the world market 

 Before the company dared to manufacture its own vehicles, they were successful as a car body factory as can be seen from the following advertisement:
1921 advertisment

 Due to the low sales, there are also almost no contemporary photos. But at least the following photo shows a proud owner:
 Meanwhile I found a second contemporary photo showing a CERTUS:

big car for a big family of eight persons

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