Aug 26, 2017

IMV / Yugoslavia

The firm " INDUSTRIJA MOTORNIH VOZIL " had assembled the German DKW light commercials since 1955.
1960 they introduced their own designed series of light commercials still using the same engine, front wheel drive principle and mechanicl units. Built as a van, truck minibus and ambulance the IMV 1000 was powered by the DKW 3-cylinder two stroke gasoline engine. Later they used an AUSTIN engine.
 From 1975 on they offered also a MERDCEDES Diesel engine.
Production ceased in 1991.

This is not a prewar emblem, but it is worth to be mentioned as the emblem is enameled and very hard to find.

Size9.0 x  6.0 cm
Year1960 - 1970

reverse without makers mark

IMV Bus seen in a Czech museum in 2017

sales brochure showing the bus and the emblem

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