Sep 25, 2017


Edward S. Jordan started automobile production in September 1916. The Jordan was an assembled automobile. All cars were powered by  Continental engines.  E.S. Jordan became famous for his emotional advertising.  In 1919 came the "Playboy",  the most celebrated JORDAN model.
The first year they sold 1,788 cars. Their best year was 1921 with 1,913 cars.
Car production ceased in 1931 after more than 65,000 cars so you have a good chance to find an original JORDAN radiator emblem.

the most common Jordan emblem

 5.7 cm
1916 - 1926

no makers mark on the backside

JORDAN was also sold to Germany

The JORDAN emblem was patented in Germany in 1920

In 1927 the radiator emblem became oval. There was an black and a white/black version:

3.6 x  4.8 cm
1927 - 1931

flat backside without makers mark

oval radiator emblem on a 1927 JORDAN seen in a Danish museum 

I also found a round JORDAN radiator emblem made of German silver that I couldn´t date.
May be you have an idea.

the holes are not original

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  1. Looks to be a 1917 jordan emblem for a wheel if for sale I would be interested in it