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HANSA LLYOD trucks and cars were made in North Germany  (Varel and  Bremen, 1914 - 1939 ).
During WWI a large quantity of trucks were built. Also electric vehicles were continued, which had been a speciality of Lloyd.

This my oldest HANSA LLOYD emblem:

5.4 cm x 6.5 cm 
Year1914 - 1915

I bought this emblem in three pieces:

                           left: fragments of the emblem before restoration    right: astonishing  result  after restoration                                          
1915 advertisment showing proudly the badge


1908 HANSA LLOYD typ A brass cap

In old pictures you can see that there was an enameled radiator emblem in 1913.
It had the shape of a kidney.

wanted: 1913 LLOYD radiator badge

Here you see the largest truck emblem of my whole collection ( made of three pieces ).

gigantic  3 piece emblem

 39.0 cm x 12.0 cm
Yearca. 1932

Some emblems were enameled on front and back side to avoid tensions when cooling down after firing the glass powder.
look at the coin to realize the dimensions of this emblem

period photo showing a special bus with HANSA LLOYD EXPRESS radiator emblem

HANSA LLOYD exposition showing buses and chassis with above shown emblem

Later in 1932 another truck emblem was created. This truck sold very well so you still have the chance to buy an original emblem.

this emblem was enameled with the screen printing method: no bars separating the colors

21.5 x  7.2 cm

one of the rare survivor ( seen  in Einbeck /  Germany  PS Speicher museum )

The electric vehicles and later the private cars had an emblem made in the shape of an triangle:

The  HANSA Lloyd type Trumpf - Ass had an straight eight - cylinder engine with 100 hp.
The car sold poorly so you have to look years for this emblem.

 8.9  x 8.2 cm

this emblem was found via metal detecting

flat reverse;  no makers mark

triangle emblem seen on  a 1927 electric truck



the emblem shown above was registered and patented in 1922


In 1920, HANSA LLOYD patented a curious emblem where the tip points downwards and the letters H + L look like they have been squeezed in. To my knowlege this emblem was never realized.


1928 HANSA LLOYD 8 - cylinder with new radiator and a new styled emblem

While WW II they used aluminium for the emblem to save noble metal like brass.
This is from a truck radiator.

36.5 x  9.3 cm

no makers mark on the backside

In 1929 the production plants and the name was bought by BORGWARD.  The next car with the name LLOYD was made after WW II in 1950.

For more  car and truck emblems see older posts or top right (list of car makers ).

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