Oct 14, 2017


The German Hans Grade,  who lived near Berlin, in Brueck (today Borkheide), was famous for his aircraft.
Because of the restrictions after WW I he designed an unconventional two-seater car with a boat shaped body.
It had an air-cooled 2-cylinder 2-stroke engine of 800cc capacity and final drive was by chaine to a rear axle without differential. May be 2,000 cars were built so you have to look years for an emblem.

large emblem made of brass

12.0 cm
Year1921 - 1926

GRADE seen in a German museum

contemporary photo of the GRADE automobile made in Borkheide near Berlin

It makes fun to drive a GRADE


There was also the idea to build the GRADE car in Austria. It is not sure if production ever started.
Nevertheless the Austrian GRADE had another emblem. May be this enameled emblem was a prototype.

top left: AUSTRO GRADE advertisment

description of the GRADE two-stroke-engine

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