Dec 7, 2017


The MASON Motor Car Company was founded early in 1906 in Iowa.
Supplying the two-cylinder car to be built was Fred S. Duesenberg and his brother August.
The car was named for E.R.Mason, a local attorney who supplied the money.
Their slogan was: " The Fastest and Strongest Two-Cylinder Car in America "
They sold 1,472 cars in 5 years. The best year was 1910 with more than 400 cars.
Car production ceased in 1914.
E. R. Mason never produced another car but the Duesenberg brothers did.

a hard to find item

Dimension 7.8 cm x 7.8 cm
Year1906- 1910

flat reverse with makers mark:  ROBBINS CO ATTLEBORO MASS

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