Dec 7, 2017


The MASON Motor Car Company was founded early in 1906 in Iowa.
Supplying the two-cylinder car to be built was Fred S. Duesenberg and his brother August.
The car was named for E.R.Mason, a local attorney who supplied the money.
Their slogan was: " The Fastest and Strongest Two-Cylinder Car in America "
They sold 1,472 cars in 5 years. The best year was 1910 with more than 400 cars.
Car production ceased in 1914.
E. R. Mason never produced another car but the Duesenberg brothers did.

a hard to find item

Dimension 7.8 cm x 7.8 cm
Year1906- 1910

flat reverse with makers mark:  ROBBINS CO ATTLEBORO MASS

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  1. By this time you may be aware that you have the Badge for a Mason Truck..1923-25. This was part of Durant Motors. The Mason truck factory was located in Flint, MI but some Mason were also put together at the Locomobile factory in Bridgeport CN Bob Smith historian DMAC