Dec 10, 2017


The BRISCOE was an American automobile manufactured in Jackson / Michigan headed by Benjamin Briscoe. The first car was powered by a 4-cylinder engine of 33hp.  It was a typical medium prized light car except for the single cyclops headlight that stared out in middle of the radiator grille.
This car was built  1914 / 1915 and had a script on the radiator only, no emblem.
As Benjamin Briscoe had been active in the French automobile industry in 1913  he claimed that the new BRISCOE had been designed by a French design studio.  Also he choosed  the French  Fleur-de-Lys   as radiator emblem.

unrestored original

Dimension6.3 x  8.2 cm
Year1916 - 1921

reverse without makers mark  but always with two mounting bolts

contemporary ad showing the Fleurs-de-Lys symbol between the letters S ans C

first BRISCOE car with cyclops headlight

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