Jan 21, 2018


The SAXON Motor Company was founded by Hugh Chalmers and Harry W. Ford ( no relation with Henry Ford) in 1913. They offered a two seater with a four-cylinder water cooled engine made by Ferro.
In 1916 they offered also a six-cylinder model with a Continental engine.
Every SAXON radiator emblem is showing  the head of a Saxon with helmet and horns.
Only the last model, the SAXON Duplex showed a different emblem.
In ten years nearly 100,000 cars were sold so you have a good chance to find an original emblem.

I used a flash to make the face better visible

Dimension5.5 cm x 5.1 cm
Year1913 - 1918

reverse with makers mark from BASTIAN BROS. CO ROCHESTER N.Y.

 no transparent face on a late SAXON emblem

SAXON bought emblems from different manufacturers - here: THE WHITEHEAD & HOAG CO

repro from Harry Pulfer: face not as detailed as it should be and no makers mark

SAXON advertisment of 1916

In 1920 the SAXON DUPLEX joined the SAXON SIX  using a different emblem:

This is believed to be a Harry Pulfer repro emblem
Dimension5.2 cm x 5.8 cm
Year1920 -1922

SAXON advertisment of 1920 showing the new  model "Blackstone Touring"

my SAXON emblem collection displayed on a contemporary ad
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  1. Hi Claus,

    It was great to see your photo and inclusion on the Tom Ulhrich's newly published Pan European Automobile History website >>https://www.pan-european-automobile-history.com/main-page from the 2018 Pan European first annual Automobile history conference. Sorry I could not attend and present as initially planned. I really wanted to expressly meet you due to similar automobilia interest. Marvelous emblem collection and invaluable website resource!

    Francis G. Clax at www.motometercentral.com

  2. Hope to see you in 2019 in Den Haag / Netherlands.