Mar 25, 2018

VAN HOOL / Belgium

The VAN HOOL Company started in 1955 with the construction of bus bodies. Normally they used FIAT mechanical components. These buses were very successful in Belgium, Holland and France.
They are still in business today.

Until the mid sixties they used a beautiful, large enameled front emblem.  Later these emblems were made in plastic. Today the logo and the script are painted.

large VAN HOOL front badge

Dimension20 cm x 12 cm
Year1955 -  - 1965

contemporary ad showing the emblem

I guess VAN HOOL was very proud of this emblem

every VAN HOOL front badge was enameled on both sides

VAN HOOL badge with integrated FIAT logo
Dimension20 cm x 12 cm
Year1960 - 1965

more beautiful than any photo:  a painted advertisment of 1963

 The VAN HOOL badge with integrated OM logo is quite rare 

Dimension20 cm x 12 cm
Year1960 - 1965

my favorit badge:  three logos in one

Dimension20 cm x 14.5  cm

the FIAT and the OM logo are made with transparent enamel

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  1. never seen these emblems before, very instructive web site, very affectionately made !