Jul 6, 2018

MWF Magdeburger Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik

There was  a time in the  ninteentwenties when a lot manufacturer of tool machines had plans to start a car or truck production. In Germany the Magdeburger Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik ( MWF ) realized their first truck in 1924 with a four cylinder engine for 2 1/2 payload. The truck was sold locally and after 4 years only the production ceased.          It seems that not a single truck survives today.
Total production is thought to be about a few hundred so you have to look years for the emblem.

emblem was found in  a sample swatch of the defunct company Ch. Lauer (see my post: manufacturer of enamel emblems )

7.9 cm 
1924- 1928

NOS emblem without makers mark

you can see the  enamel emblem on the radiator and painted on the cabin door

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